If you’re tired of tripping on tangled garden hoses or lugging heavy hoses around the yard. Get the X Hose Pro – a garden hose unlike any other. Designed to be super strong and durable, yet incredibly light-weight . It’s so easy to use! Just turn on the water and it’ll automatically expand up to 50 feet with absolutely no twist, tangles and kinks. And when you’re done, turn the water off and it’ll shrink back down to 5 metres in just seconds! Weighing only just around 1kg, the X Hose Pro is amazingly compact and portable. It also comes with a brass connector for the inlet and outlet, and an 8-function spray nozzle, which makes it ideal for a variety of uses for homeowners and professionals.

Χ     No Twist

Χ     No Tangles

Χ     No Kinks

√     Durable

√     Light Weight

√     Expand up to 50 feet

√     Shrink back to 5 metres

√     Weight around 1kg